Nusretian Dream Analysis


Assistant Professor Doctor Nusret KAYA has dedicated his years to human beings to be aware of themselves and their brains.

Women in our country strive harder to be aware of themselves. Most of the men say they do not have dream. This strictly wrong. Everyone has dreams every night. The problem is whether you remember your dreams or not. Pay attention to remembering your derams.

In spite of the fact that our age is called "The Age of Communication", could we possibly say that we can communicate whit each other in real terms? In which terms are we able to convey ourself to others? In which terms are other people able to convey themselves to us? In fact the basic question to be asked sould be in which terms are people aware of themselves? In which proportion are we aware of ourselves? In which proportion are we aware of our brains that make us we are.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nusret Kaya has dedicated his years to human beings to be aware of themselves and their brains. He is a psychiatrist who is happy to have been living at Kad覺koy, the Anatolian Side od Istanbul.

Kaya specialized on psychiatry, and worked in GATA (Armed Forces Medical Center) as a psychiatrist, after graduating from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine. In 1978 studied on sleeping disorders and dream analysis in the US for two years, and received his masters degree. Also recieved "Scientific Encouragement Reward". He has been analysing dreams as a lower brain doctor for seventeen years(article from 21 April 2000). Nearly 160.000 people consulted Kaya, who has carried out more that seven thousand dream analysis

-Could you possibly tell us the reason why you name your patients as "consulting paople"?

-The people in our society are quite new on getting to know consulting psychiatrists. In the past, as you know, psychiatrists used to hang boards that said "psychological and nervous disorders". This, in turn, primarily coveyed the message to people that they are "patients", and that they have to accept thay they are patients. This message inevitably had the people who had problems get away from us. Dor the last 10-15 years we had people get used to the boards which say "psychiatrist". This is why I prefer to use the term "consulting people" who come to me for consultancy. This term makes the relations with the consulting people warmer and closer.

-You have been working on human brain for years. Could you possibly inform Kad覺koy Newspaper readers concerning our brain?

-Human brain is quite different from animal brain. We seperate the human brain in two sections. Upper and lower brain. The upper brain (cortex) covers both hemispheres of the brain like a shell 1 mm. thich. The cells by which we analyze, syntehsize, learn and teach are in this section. As the lower brain has developmental differences, people do not understand each other as they communicate only by their upper brains. Arguments and policies are carried out by the upper brain. The upper brain makes use of 28% of all brain cells. Whereas, the section we name as lower brain has a capacity of making use of 72% of all brain cells, and has 100 billions of cells, plus the most important section of our brain. It carries all information cyphers gathered nearly 4 million years ago by our ancestors. This is proven in 1988 bye the scientists who won the Nobel Chemistry Reward that these cyphers are carried over from generation to generation via Ribonucleic genetic asid (RNA) molecules. Our emotions and the laws of nature are valid in the lower brain, and the laws made by mankind in the upper brain.

-To what extent are we aware of our lower brain?

-Not very much. Contemporary conditions force us to live only by our upper brains. Owning and making money ambitions are aggravated by media and certain environments. All these are symptoms that we are living only bye our upper brains. As we are not that aware of our lower brain, and as we are not able to resolve the deep involvements, the contemporary human beings shall be recorded in the history as unhappy, problematic, unable to communicate with each other, and people who are not able to live love in the true sense.
I would like to give an example in order to be aware of our lower brain. Fear from dogs is an upper brain information. If a human being experiences fear when he sees a dog, the brain secretes adrenaline hormone. As the dog is not able to differentiate the difference between noradrenaline and adrenaline, thinks that the person is about to attack, and it attack before the person does. On the other hand, a person who is aware of his lower brain is not afraid of the dog. The lower brain has loving emotions toward all living beings. Aggravate emotions are exchanged by loving emotions. We view thet hasd people without love come to give way to proper relations towards others. Getting aware of the lower brain shall bring forth social peace. It shall soften the people whose lower brain involvements hard, and have them use their upper brains more clearly. If using the upper and lower brain harmoniously is gained, the wars shall be over in the future, and love, tolerance and psychoaestetics shall replace the conflicts among people.

-What shall have to be done in order to be aware of our lower brain that has a capacity of making use of 72% of the brain cells?

-Lower brain studies are carried out by dream analysis and free association in the west, and bye meditation methods in the east. We have to differentiate between dream analysis and commenting on dreams. During sleep the upper brain is out of order. The symbols in dreams are universal. Dream analysis has to be carried out by psychiatrists specialized in this field. The information gathered in the lower brain is like a treasure from getting to know human beings point of view. If the hard involvements there are softened, the upper brain functioning is influenced that way. Human being starts to be more creative, easy and loving.

-Where do our lower brain involvements originate from?

-There are various reasons. The most important of these is a child's sleeping with his relatives. Upper brain in human beings start to develop starting to develop, the lower brain perceives the bodily contacts during the sleep as making sex, as the upper brain is out of order. This state heavy guilt emotions and complexes in the upper brain. For that reason, letting children sleep with their relatives after age two is strictly wrong.
Another important lower brain involvement is created by births one after another. Every female instinctively wants her first baby. She carries the continuation of the family instinct to her baby. However, as the first baby is in the milking stage, the mother rejects this baby in the lower brain during rhe second pregnancy. This rejection is carried over to the lower brain of the child by her mother's lower brain. We are experiencing such groving persons living in a state with hard involvements he/she can not get away in the lower brain, carried over from childhood.
By "hard involvements" is the involvement of "being in a state which you do not want to be a living being". The third lower brain involvement is the circumcision event in males. The castraction fear (losing something as a whole) that is a special involvement experienced in the circumcision evet after age two, gets hard in the lower brain. As this complex creates inadequacies in males, they cannot experience a healthy relation, starts to live by embracing the uterical power. In other words she creates motherhood as the only value.

-What is wrong with this?

-As the origin code in the female brain is not opened up, this creates a hard involvement in the lower brain. The female who can not explore her body, does not enjoy relations. For that reason they only become mothers. They try to make ther husband and children with a childish lower brain by their only 'mother' behavior they show. In other words, "the walking wombs", because females who think husbands and children they take under womb influence, from being individuals. Females living with their womb origin, always live with fear. I started therapies free of charge after the earthquake on the 17th of August. During these theraphies mostly women reveal their fear and lack of security by saying "Doctor, I'm not afraid of myself. I am just thinking what shall happen to my children if something happens to me". Most of these fears and lack of security originates from not being able to become individuals.

-You tried to reach millions of people in the "Universal Language" broadcasted on a TV channel two years ago. You carried out thousands of dream analysis by fax. Did you receive any impact over the fact that this program was stopped?

-Of course. I still receive fax messages concerning this subject. Unfortunately there are only a few psychiatrist who carry out dream analysis in our country. I feel myself as a "Don Quixote" in that sense. however, as a psychiatrist who is aware of the fact that social ego replaces the individual ego when I combined my upper brain information with my lower brain insights, I preferred to be in my country instead of living and working in the US.

-I would like to get back to dreams. You have carried out more than seven thousand dream analysis. Are most of the people who relay their dreams to you males or females?

-Females... They strive hard in order to get to know themselves more. This is what I feel. Most of the males say that they do not have any dreams. This is strictly wrong. Everybody has dreams every night. The problem is whether you remember them or not. If you pay attention to remembering your dreams, you remember them. I invite all readers to pay attention to remembering dreams, and even write down they remember. This is an effort in order to get to know their lower brains.

-What does the Psycoaesthetic Philosophy you defend aim at?

-The Psycoaesthetic philosophy starts by being aware of the lower brain. The origin of our emotions are in the lower brain. for that reason, in the upper brain, we wish to love but we can not. We do not want love, but we do. We want to get angry but we can not, or vice versa. For most of the time the lower brain overcomes the upper brain. Psycoaesthetic philosophy enables us to establish the harmonious unity of our lower and upper brains, get to know ourselves, and enables us to establish communication supported by correctness and love. For that reason I invite everybody to learn Psycoaesthetic philosophy. I do believe that fights, conflicts, wars, terror, racialism, roguery and intolerance shall come to an end when we meet in the lower brain and embrace each other with love. How long shall this barbarian era take, I realy do not know. However, one day peaceful winds shall blow on our planet. The day shall come days when males and females understand each other better, and become integral. If I had not believed in this, all these efforts would be meaningless. I do believe that people shall establish a loving ball, thanks to Psycoaesthetic philosophy. This is a stage in which a human being feels himself as a part of the universe.