Listen 'You Childish Man'!

Media Text From -Dr. Nusret Kaya- to Armagan Gunleri -1 (PsychoEesthetic stand)

Assistant Professor Doctor Nusret KAYA M.D. indicates that all negations on this world stem from human brain. He further indicates that menwho are unable to communicate with their brain become 'childish', and women, likewise, become 'mothers'.
Istanbul- Technology climbs up day by day, and medical science fallows right behind. As the world shrinks, thanks to comunication means, people think that they are able to communicate well via internet, mobile phones and satellines. However, mankind on this world experience some small problems in the world of reality. So to say, they can not understand each other, and can never communicate. Wars still go on. Massacres continue, children are unable to consume candies, and love songs are displased by war cries. Women do not understand men, and via versa; people are not satisfied with political parties in power; wealthy do not try to understand the poor, and neither do the blackskins understand the white men. Racialism, deceit and impatience proceed with the golden era.

Peace is 300 years from now.
The question is, would this state go on? The answer is no. Quite luckily there is hope. Dr. Nusret Kaya eased us by indicating that there shall blow peaceful winds, roughly within 300 years.
Trying his best in order to explain this on TV programs for months, graduated from the University of Istanbul, School of Medicine. After specializing on Psychiatry, served in GATA -G羹lhane Military Medical Center. While serving in Kas覺mpaa Naval Medical Center, he was granted the title 'Assistant Professor Doctor. Served in GATA as Director of Psychiatry Department. Specialized in the US in 1978 on sleeping disorders and dream analysis. Was rewarded with scientific encouragement. He has been carrying out dream analysis as a lower brain doctor for the last sixteen years(article from 6.27.1999). He indicates that mankind is able to utilize only a portion of their brains, and all negations stem from this case.

- What is this brain case? Are we, so to say, brainless?
Our brain is divided into two portions; upper brain and lower brain. The medical term used equivalent to upper brain is cortex. It covers both brain hemispheres like a shell, one milimeter thick. As brain has quite a number of inlets and outlets, it covers one and half square meters of area when spread out. These are the cells with which we play chess and bridge, when we speak, when we carry out analysis and synthesis, and when we perceive the outside world. In other words, they are the cells with which the IQ leves are measured, and computers can imitate. The area it covers in the brain is 28 percent. Upper brain in human beings does not resemble each other like faces, due to evolutional differences. Thus people wind up in no understanding each other in reality. No one is able to reveal their ideas perfectly to others, as upper brains are different. You either conflict or carry out politics. And persons start to think that they know the best of all, when they know how to read and write. However, the bottom portion of the iceberg is much larger.

- What is blow the iceberg?
Lower brain is located. It stores the information codes coming from our ancestors via RNA molecules. This is proven in 1988 by the scientist who were awarded by Nobel Chemistry Prize. Upper brain also the conductor of all our organs. Respiration, blood pressure, heart beats, digestion system and the whole system is under the reflexive instiction of lower brain. Our sensations and instincts are also within the lower brain. The sensational intelligence, better known as EQ, is more superior than IQ. That is why, it is said that the chains of sensations can not be broken.

- Do we always behave with our sensations?
Yes, that is true. The 28 percent cortex (upper brain) cells can never overcome lower brain cells worth 72 percent. If ever we could overcome our sensations, no one would suffer from depression, spoil their lives, become neurotics or psychosomatics. Thus the work of us medical doctors would be simpler. We would narrate bye using upper brains twice, and everyone would get better.

- Is the lower brain the subconscious?
The answer is no; but there is a symbolical layer between upper and lower brains. The classical "Freud Ecole" names this layer as subconscious. According to my motrons, it is the 'primitive libido level'. Within all this level, we have involvements -or obsessions- with sexual context. Even if upper brain is evolved, you live and pass away without communicating with the lower brain, if there are involvements within this layer. And unfortunately 99 percent of human beings are suffering from this state. Lower brain can not open up due to these involvements. It butts to the involvements with sexual context, and retards. Human beings go on living by losing a worthwhile treasure.

- Our primitive libido level is quite thick, is it not?
If we look at the case from that point of view, we see that our young girls use their clitoris during their teens, and the uterical power during their maturity. Due to the fact that they are not able to learn vaginal orgasm in the real terms, the vaginal code does not open up and take its place within the brain. The laws of nature are dominant in the upper brain. Quite important main rules in sex are forgetten by pornographic allurements in certain countries where upper brains are evolued.

- Could you possibly give examples?
There is a lower brain equilibrium on which there is a continuous stress within the archaic Chinese philosophy. It is the plus and minus equilibrium. Men shall take pleasure from the outlet, and women from the inlet. Men take advantage of reaching orgasm by teasing women by their clitoris, due to the sex allurements by the West. For this reason, men shall have to learn how to control early ejaculation. When we can not do this, women transfer from young to motherhood. Thus, we can say that ninety percent of women who are in primitive libido level are uterical -or merciful-. Women who do not discover their vagina, do not take pleasure from motherish lower brains, and men childish lower brains.

Kybele's Story
This is still experienced in reality as lower brain function bye the Anatolian people. There were mother queens during Lydia and Frygia terms on the Anatolia plains. This uterical -merciful- power lasted for five thousand years. We come across small Kybele statues with large breasts and bosoms in archeological information. People in that era did not know the impregnating role of men, as microscope was not discovered. According to people that time, woman's belly was swollen all of a sudden, and a child was born. Thus, they thought that women are creators. When we take a look at the women in Anatolia, most of them are like small Kybele statues.

- What is men's status then?
They experience genetical information codes and uterical effects. When we go back to early history, the uterical -merciful- effect is real high in the lower brain. The upper and lower brains are both childish as a whole. There is not an upper brain which can inspect. The lower brain secretes an agressive substance called noradrenaline. Attack, tear into pieces, and eat. The reason for men who have evolued cortex, experiencing cardiac diseases, is this case. The upper brain has not learned to read and write, and the upper and lower brains that have not even turned a page of a book after the primary school, remained as a child. There is no conflict, but there is primitivism. They attack, tear into pieces, and eat, when the lower brain secretes noradrenaline.

Acording to Asst. Prof. Nusret KAYA, M.D., the only means to communicate with the brain, and to be freed from being childish or motherish, is dream analysis.

Men's Function Is Hard !
We may see that upper brain shows 90 percent of us people, being with a childish lower brain everywhere, including the parliament. We may see them in all cases like raider activities and society associations. In the first glance, they have formed a group. However, this is not distinctive. Additonally, people who have taken money as their main goal, need people with childish lower brains, in order to easily deceive and seduce them. For that reason, due to their interests, they fear from the case of those childish lower brains to grow up. Lower brain equilibrium disorder is the reason for wars and terror. Additionally, when the upper brain evolues, the lower brain secretes noradrenaline, and the 'attack, tear into pieces, and eat' command would like to climb up. It then butts into the upper brain wall and retreats. Then it creates inner aggression and starts to crease the coronary veins. It creases the coronary veins three times as much as a cigarette. In fact heart attacks are widely experienced by males.

Do Not Love And Care
But Grow Up The Children In Your Inner Self
Nusret KAYA, M.D., indicates that the only means for the human being in order to communicate with the lower brain is by having dreams. "Dreams may be regarded as the symbolical uproar of the primitive libido level and the involvement in the lower brain. The lower brain may try to relay messages to the upper brain only by means of dreams. This case is not quite deemed important here; however, most of the psychiatrist in the USA specialized on the subject of dream analysis with medical treatment purposes. This dream interpretation is quite different from dream commentary. Special training is required for this phenomena. It is required to be aware of the symbols in dreams. For example, the uterical effect may be revealed as cupboards and ships in dreams. You can not possibly resolve these dreams by yourselves. The upper brain has also dreams; however they do not have analytical values.