The Symbolic Language Of The Universe

DATED 31 March 2000

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nusret KAYA, known as a psychiatrist and a brain specialist, is also well known by media and the public. He places his viewpoint he names as "my philosophy" on tree basic legs, namely being aware of the lower brain, the symbolic language of the Universe-Dream Analysis and Sexual Energy. According to what he personally indicates, the basis of his view leans on a plentiful source and synthesis stretching from the Holy Books to Yin-Yang instruction, from Freud and Jung's theories to the most complex scientific studies of our times. Nusret Kaya names this viewpoint, the synthesis of which he formed as "PSYCHOAESTHETICS"; in other words "The beauty hidden by the form, beyond this form".
He worded his findings in his works "Insights that are not Knowledgeable", "Involvements Peculiar to Anatolian People", "Psychoaesthetics with the Symbolic Language of the Universe", together with the articles and interviews on various media channels. "The Language of The Universe" broadcasted last year on ATV channel in eight episodes, held a rating among the most attractive programs on TV.
He describes himself as "A head doctor doing his best to enlighten people concerning brain and its functions, brain involvements, producing solutions beyond the settled knowledge on this subject, and striving in order to make this subject be understood by vast human masses".
Nusret Kaya M.D., was a guest of our website with his various views that may open up new horizons to thinking brains.

We are transfering the interview with him:

-Mr. Nusret Kaya, on the contrary to what is known, you are approaching to human brain with a quite different description; instead of right and left brain terms, you are approaching with the description of lower and upper brain. What are the effects in the basis of this discrimination?

-I have been studying on dream analysis for a long time. Naturally, being in such a study environment, I started to understand, investigate and solve the lower part of the iceberg. I am taking the brain as an iceberg. Everyone knows and sees the upper part of the iceberg, but nobody believes that it is with more content, larger and deeper, as the lower part is not seen because it is larger and deeper. I am a person striving in order to see the lower part of the iceberg, and at least be aware of the fact that this is so.At this point I have to indicate that the other living beings do not have a brain in this sense. As the cortex creates this difference between human beings and other living beings, we think that all the brain is made up of cortex. The most critical mistake is this.
Cortex is the upper part of the iceberg. We have to understand and describe our brain at least shortly. Unfortunately most of the people we unable to learn this subject, as it was wrapped up with complex medical terms. It turned out to be impossible to understand as medical people discussed it during panels. However, the subject has to be described in a simple and easy-to-understand way.
I describe brain as "upper and lower brain" for the sake of easy description and completeness of the subject. The upper brain is a 1mm thick structure with inlets and outlets, and a crust made up of grey cells; the medical name is Cortex. It is a tissue covering both hemispheres of the brain. If we happen to open up and spread this part, it will cover an area 1,5 square meters. This is the part computers can initate, and IQ is determined. Then, what does this mean? The maximum capacity of this part named Cortex is 28%. We are able to read, write, think, talk, earn money, etc. Another fact is that most of the human beings are able to use 12% of Cortex.
However, as this layer Cortex is not present in order beings as far as we know, together with a megalomania, we think that all our brain is the upper brain. We always say "Long live the upper brain." On the other hand, we have to be aware of the lower brain, and know the involvements that hinder us to reach that pasr for sure. In order to reach the lower brain, the subject of involvement is quite important. We go on living with no ties to the lower brain due to the involvements known as subconscience in classical description, and as "Primative Libido" I call in my description. This state causes men to remain as children and women remain in uterus level in the lower brain. The upper layer of our brain known as Cortex makes use of 28 percent of the whole, and we are trying to explain the remaining part, lower layer, making use of 72 percent of white cells, made up of various layers known as Corpus Collosum, Amigdalnucleus, Thalamus, Hypothalamus, Pons, Hypophysis, Substantia and the like Latin origin terms.
I name the all of these functions "lower brain" in order to explain it to the people. Upper and lower brain differentiation stems from this reason. When we make this differentiation, people who are not from the medical world start to understand the brain. Today, I am the only one who makes this differentiation. Although is looks like a puzzling explanation, I, personally, think that this is a revoluation. I have a chance to explain the brain to people. For, everybody is born with a brain made up of hundred billions of special cells. My system and what I try to explain in my books is this. I feel happy, because this subject started to be topical.

-You tie nearly all of the happenings in our life of Cortex. Then what is the function and outcome of the lower brain, and how are these outcome acquired?

You pointed to a critical subject. In fact I was trying to get you to this point. The specialities peculiar to human beings like talking, working, playing, making money and the like, are related to the upper brain known as Cortex. So to say, whan we take a general view, there is a world of upper brain. In this world everybody talks a lot, however, nobody understand each other easily. This layer is generally concerned with intelligence and forms. On the other hand, starting with our sensations, intuitive communication and power are tied up with the lower brain. If the system of tle lower brain is understood, this is a microcosmos, and this point comes up. Firstly, lower brain is the origin of all our sensetions; secondly it is the origin of our instincts; thirdly is stros the knowledge codes coming from our ancestors via RNA, and lastly makes our inner organs functioning reflexively. In other words, it regulates the beating of our heart, the function of the intestines, and our blood pressure we know as Autonomous Nerve System. Thus, it is more inclusive and more powerful. Some researchers name this as "sensational behavior". However, this is only a part of of the lower brain. As an example, Hypothalamus and its function, is only a part of the lower brain. The reason for this is that, we are indicating all these systems when we say lower brain.

-After having discriminated between upper and lower brain and briefly understood what thay are, I would like to approach to your view "people who are unable to descend to the lower brain, remains a child". Why does a person remain a child, who can not descend to the lower brain?

-At this point I have a thesis; what I say is, 99 percent of our women are under the dominance of the womb, and 99 percent of our men are with a child brain. That is why superficiality and disputes never end. The reason for this not so complex. We men, as scientists have not taught us, and we do not know, have always been inclined to the womb. That is why our women started to give birth to children like groving potatoes, although do really do not want to. As a natural result of this, the feminine code in women remain closed, however, become perfect mothers. For that reason we become powerful mass of wombs and a mass of children brains. This state does not change even if the uper brain system evolves. The reason is that, training and education evolves the upper brain system. Training and education do not increase the number of cells in Cortex, however, the ties we call collaterals in between increase. Thus, when we become an educated mass, the Cortex of people eveolves. As I have indicated a while ago, from the lower brain point of view, most of the people are in the level of a child. Additionally, education which evolves and feeds the Cortex, is, for example, ceased in primary or secondary education phase, or else in no education phase, the upper brain also remains in child level. The lower brain and upper brain in child level, and in the end we are face to face with child people. Women are womb and men are child!. Then a massive being forms that is mostly levelish, hitting, breaking, terrorizing, easily cherished, easily sensitized, not easy to get along well, and inclined to easily be tricked. People who live in mega cities are educated, developed their upper brains, and increased the ties between the cells. In order words, the IQ level is high. On the contrary, the EQ level is low. The inevitable result of this state is distress.
Briefly we may say that, a person who does not descent to the lower brain that is more inclusive than the upper brain, and who does not and can not use it, is a child from the lower brain point of view, no mather how old he is.
Some specialists and authorities say "Let us love the child in our inner selves". However, I say "Let us tame and grow the child in our inner selves".

-You say that most of the people, in fact 99 percent of the people do not make use of the lower brain. Does this thesis match with the function of the brain as a whole?

-I may evaluate the thesis of the ones who say that the brain functions as a whole in two directions. Firstly, the ones who say that, indicate this view in a philosophical meaning, not in a scientific meaning. Secondly, if there is such an indication, we may accept this as the upper brain we know as Cortex in the scientific meaning. for, all human beings talk, write, make money and produce philosophy; however, thay just proceed without having any knowledge of the lower brain. As a result, we can not indicate this for the lower brain.

-Let us be informed about the lower brain. What are the lower brain functions?

-According to the scientific studies, the neural tube we may consider as the nucleus of the lower brain, comes into existence on the twentieth day of pregnancy, and starts to receive the recordings in the mother's lower brain from that day on. If the recordings are negative, they will influence the baby during lifetime.
In 1989, as a result of the study in the nature of an exploration, and granted the right to receive thr Biochemistry Nobel Prize, Prof. Sydney Altman from Yale University and Prof. Dr. Thomas Cech from Collorado University, the RNA chains pass the genetic information codes to the lower brain, coming from our ancestors. One sigle RNA molecule carries twenty million information chips, you can imagine.
The firs human being appeared in China 4 million years ago, and in Africa 4,5 million years ago. As a result, we have an accumulation of millions of years worth information codes in our lower brains. Besides, when you take twenty millions of information accumulation in our lower brain looks like a universe.
We are Ayse, Fatma, Mehmet, Huseyin, only in our upper brains. And in our upper brains, we may go on living for 70-80-90 years. However, we can accumulate that many years' information. I invite you to understand the information accumulation in our lower brains. For, the real Psychoaesthetics, the real spiritual grace, the real power is in the lower brain. Unfortunately, most of the systems in our age help our upper brains to develop. Televisions and computers... They help the upper brain to obtain a state that is more colorful, more developed, more inclined to owning instinct, more inclined to the importance of forms. We call this 'development'. However, if we transform the information accumulation, emotions and instincts in our lower brains being without any involvements, we shall become more influential and productive.

-Sir, we have interviewed with various people and received various views. To tell you the truth, only a few of them were as attractive and fluent as yourself. It is really exciting to hear these from a 'Head Doctor', as you have put it.

-I thank you for your compliments, and would like to indicate this; yes, the way to influency and productivity in real terms, are through being acquainted with and understanding of the lower brain. I think it is not necessary to name this as mysticism or so. In the end, both scientific realities and philosophical views named as mysticism are made up of the Symbolic Language of the Universe. However, it is really a must to override the involvements that is like a steel wall in the true sense of the meaning, in order to be aware of the lower brain. For that reason it is a part of the brain we have to be aware of, in the first step. However, it is not possible only by thinking of it. Or by listening to this information and the interview text from the tape, or by reading books only teaching such subjects, it is not possible to reach the depths of the lower brain. Why is that so? Because all these factors shall be involved in our upper brains. Our upper brains may learn these, however, it shall forget it has recorded a certain period of time, and go on living with the upper brain trops. Then what are the means to descend into the lower brain?
Various different methods are applied in the East and the West. The West is trying to reach the lower brain by Psycho-analysis, dream analysis and independent association. I simply stress and underline this fact: dream analysis is completely different from dream interpretation or commentary, and it is a scientific field all by itself. Our lower brains use universal symbols in our dreams. For that reason it is not realintic to try to find the interpretation of dreams by looking at huge volumes of book.
Eastern methods is quite plentiful and rich. For example Meditation, Yoga, Tao and Buddha, Confucius Philosophies. And, in the and, the deep view of the Islamic Teosoph that originates from the Glorious Koran. When we take a close look at all these methods, the upper brain has to be out of the circuit, and the involvements concorning the lower brain have to be calmed. In every stage the upper brain is out of circuit, is it possible to descend into the lower brain. However, the lower brain coming up, for away from the control of the upper brain is considered alarming from time to time by people who are not aware of the facts. On the other hand, if we look at lower brains consciously, we feel the descend into the depths, and make use of materials from the depths in order to calm our involvements. What shall happen when our involvements in our lower brain calm down? Our upper brains shall clear up, we shall get hold of creativity and power, and we shall be aware of others' lower brains in our communication with people. Because while our upper brains communicate with people and other beings with alpha frequency with formative connections, our lower brains communicate with Delta frequency from the lower depths. This Delta frequency plays a very important role in the relations among people and other beings. For example, if you are scared of a dog, your lower brain secretes Adrenaline due to this state. As dogs can not differentiate between non-adrenaline that develops as a result of aggression, it might harm you, thinking that you are attacking. However, if you are aware of your lower brain, and do not reveal fight or aggression, then it shall do nothing. Through communication among human beings, if the involvements in your lower brains are not hard, you shall approach with loving emotions, and receive tha same in return. Additionally, a person who has overriden the involvements in his lower brain, may have another person, who is not aware of the depths in his lower brain, gain depths, and create a loving being. Then it shall be more clear that Psychoaesthetic philosophy may bring forth social peace within a long term. In that state, as people who have calmed down their lower brain involvements, we shall make use of our upper brain more clearly, and we shall harmonize with other people and our environment, and be more productive. This state means the integration of the human brain. It also means the co-working the lower brain and upper brain. In long term, if human beings experience this co-working, there shall no longer be wars. In other words, it is possible to say that this philosophy is over policy. For, there is no policy in lower brains. There is belief, love, real beauty, spiritual beauty, and shortly Psyhoaesthetics in lower brains.
I state all these as a psychiatrist who has practised over a hundred and sixty thousand patients and has carried out ten thousand dream analysis. I have worked in Brain Surgery and Sleeping Disorders Center in the U.S. for two years. In other words, this is a synthesis formed by upper braininformation cumulation, together with lower brain insights, and not by amatour research.

-I would like to ask a question at this point. You are a person who puf forward different and original views, and even a person who state forward a systemmatic logic called Psychoaesthetics you define as "The beauty hidden by form, that is behind form". Then, beyond his biography, who is Asst. Prof. Dr. Nusret Kaya?

-Shortly, I am a "Cephalo Psysician" who is trying to enlighten people about brain functions and brain involvements; producing solutions on these subjects beyond the known, and striving to have these be undersood by wide masses.

-You use the term "The Symbolic Language of the Universe" and state that it is an identical term with mystical systems, theosophy and lower brain depth. A while ago you stated that you have explored The Glorious Koran within this view. Could you possibly be more specific?

-This is a subject that forms one of the basic legs of our Psychoaesthetic Philosophy, a more detailed, and when you descend deeper, that will carry you to Macrochosmos while explored.
From time to time point of view, let us leave others aside, and deal with The Glorious Koran and Moslem Theosophy from the Symbolic Language of the Universe and Lower brain depth points of view.
The subject of male-female being and stability in human life and universe has been consideren a number of times, from Yin-Yang Philosophy to Osiris and Sirius cults in ancient Sumerians and Egyptians; the upper brain languages that originated forms, quarrels and wars have been explained by the archaic symbolic language of the lower brain. At the very begining, the Glorious Koran drew attention to the universal being, and started with "The Beneficient, the Merciful".
For that reason, it is quite important to explore The Glorious Koran that is the sole book by which the Revelation-Symbolic Language of the lower brain is transfered without any change. Although I know the Brain very well as a psychiatrist, I have to confess that I am inadequate on the subject of "The Symbolic Language of the Universe". However, the Glorious Koran is a gorgeous book on the subject of the Symbolic Language of the Universe. In my opinion, finding out the Symbolic Language of the Koran, has the power to establish universal peace. I am quite sure that I have adequately explaind how Psychoaesthetics shall enable the human beings establish peace, first with himself, others and other beings.

-I would like to take your views on the term "the depth of the lower brain" you most of the time put a stress on, together with the Mystic Systems and the Symbolic Language explained in the Moslem Thesophy.

-If you mean Yin-Yang, Zen Philosophy, Conficiusizm, Yoga and Meditation I started a while ago, by stating Mystic Systems, all of these use the same language, so to say the Symbolic Language of the Universe. This also includes the Moslem Theosophy. These are, of course, not my subjects directly. However, as a person who has explored The Old Testament, The Bible and The Glorious Koran within this view, I may simply state that the Symbolic Language explanation and the "Lower brain depth" are the same. Could this possible be stated by scientific and medical expert? Or, would it be absurd if he states this? It is open for discussion.
However, let me try to convey a subject I believe to be a criteria, and that seem to be current day by day. Recently, in an academic study prepared by fifteen brain specialists in the USA, the fallowing view is stated as a result: "All scientific studies dealing with brain shall have to be by joint participation of medicine authorities and philosophers. The reason is that, a study carried out by one of them, is not adequate in the enlightening of the subject". This, I think, is quite an important determination.
Now, back to the answer to your question. The Exploration Way that reaches to the depth of God Allmighty through the person's self-individuality, find its explanation in the Mysticist Attar states as follows: "All the known and unknown birds on the world gather, and decide to search their king. The name of the legendary bird that is the symbol of God is Phoenix and lives beyond Himalayas. The birds fly through seven valleys by passing through thousands of distress and by averting worries and withdrawal: Wish, Seeking, Love, Conscience, Withdrawal, Unity and Rapture.
After these valleys that are named after getting away from 'I' (ego) the birds reach the circumambulation.

Ruzbihan from Shiraz, one of the mystics, say in one of his couplets as follows:
I wondered around the world, to find Cemshid's cup;
I neither had comfort a day, nor slept a night.
But when I heard of Cemshid's cup's praise from my Master...
I understood that the summary of the Universe, that cup is myself.
For years my heart looked for Cemshid's cup.
How could he know!...He was carrying the cup he was looking for...

Likewise, Mevlana, one way other we must have heard of, says "There is a place other than and beyond the right and wrong. Come, let us meet there." Here, whether Attar's "Bird language" myth, or Ruzbihan's "Cemshid's cup" poem, on in the original words of Mevlana, the Upper Brain depth and the Symbolic Language of the Universe is meant. In my book "Psychoaesthetics and the Symbolic Language of the Universe", I have perceptibly compared this.

-Mr. Kaya, could we possibly get the results of the seven valleys the birds flew over and the Depth in the Upper Brain?

-I shall exactly convey this in order not to spoil the stability and logic in my book:

Cortexs Upper Brain Cortexs Upper Brain
1- Subconscience/Subconscious involvements 1- Wish
2- Corpus Collosum 2- Seeking
3- Thalamus (The God in the inner self and the Love towards Him) 3- Love
4- I (I in the inner self, inner than myself, Min-el Hak) 4- Conscience
5- Hypophysis (The Conductor of the hormones, day-night differentiation, the 3th eye) 5- Withdrawal
6- Mystery (Mysteries, Universal Symbolic Language, the Universal Soul in "The Chemist", Bird Language) 6- Unity
7- GOD 7- Rapture

The last organic layer we reach in our brain is Hypophysis. Although it is as small as a chickpea, it is the conductor of all our hormones. That small a gland takes over the duty that is highly complicated. Volumes of books have to be written in order to get into the details. As I stated a while ago, the last organic layer is this. Then I use spiritual terms as "Mystery" and "Depths of God". For, there is no other way to describe these depths I have determined. One of these may be gathered under "Mystery"; because there are a lot more things to be worked on, in that mysterious depth. However, it is really painstaking to work on and search that Mysterious Depth. Likewise, it is not that easy to answer the questions pertaining to the Mysterious Depths of the lower brain. Long time ago, more or less a man as a whole who had been able to reach the Depths of God that is ste Seven Layer had been called Saint, Mature and Moslem Saint, and had been attributed divine powers.
In order to solve, and even talk about this depth that has to be considered within lower-upper brain integrity is not that easy. The matter beyond "The lower brain Depth" extends to energy. This depth status of the brain is in the state of an endless energy vibration and electromagnetic waves. And from here it opens up to points we may call non-being. I can never say that I have reached such a point. However, as a brain scientist, I may search, determine and bring verbal approach to these.
Briefly, as a Psychiatrist and a brain specialist studying, compiling books and holding conferences on this subject, I am aware of the depths in the human brain, and I do wish all other human beings live by being aware of this fact. In the meantime, as I descend into the depths of the brain, I feel like clapping wings towards the mystical non-being that creates a nice shiver. This, of course, does not necessarily mean that I am fond of flying.
Lastly, I stress that you shall see I am positive, when you are aware of the depths of your brain!..