Universally Equal Living Being with Tail

Psychiatrist and Brain Specialist Associate Professor Nusret Kaya is a well known person by media and public. His main experty is "Sleep Psychophysiology". While he was working as Psychiatry Clinic Director for GATA Haydarpaa, Education and Research Hospital, he became Associate Professor (Colonel) and started doing private practice. He did various researches in Baylor College in USA. Kaya was rewarded several times for his Sleep Research Studies and supported his work with ten thousands of "Dream Analysis".
What is real education? You have a deep accumulation after all these years of experience. How does a person get educated and what would be the consequences, what could be the harms and benefits? It would be more helpful, If you could give examples about this. Where does the real education start?
Education should start in the mother's uterus. Because "being alive" begins with sperming and eggs. Who does our fetus state is fed by? By mother and mother's blood! So the first condition needed in order to educate "inner brain" is to spend positive days in uterus. If the mother gets beaten up by husband, listens to "mother in law" complains and murmurs and if she feels rejected and dork as you can commenly see in society, her/his brain snap system's neurotransmitters would not work properly. As they wouldn't work properly, the fetus would have to feed from the blood, which has bad influenced, recorded negative neurotransmitters.
A more global expression for this would be; Fetus can feel all the stress and unhappiness.I have been saying these for years. Finally it was on the cover of Time Magazine. They put a pregnant woman and said: All the excitemental disorders of the mother would pass to the baby. Then what happened as we reflected our education, that would start from there? We were born with basic construction disorder! As you can see if the temel of the building is not built properly, it will collapse in a minor earthquake. This is said by all the earthquake experts and we all agree. I'm saying the same thing. If nine months and 10 days that we spent in our mother's uterus is also broken/shaky, our base construction is spoilt. So that, whatever you build on that base construction, even a super lux villa it will surely collapse, whatever you teach to the cortex of the brain, the life will turn into a earthquake and caos. Because our main construction is shaky and close to destruction.
I want to ask you this, at this exact moment. What if a new born baby experienced negative things because of her/his mother's inproper situation and that things spreaded to his/her autonomous nervous system. Because of that negatory begining, the way of the baby's basic sensing & feeling forms started in a negative way. How will it be restituted. Definitely there should be one!
Since you recorded the negatives when you were a baby and the cortex was not shaped up yet and the system was unprotected, the restitution is hard. 0-2 year old baby stepped in his/her second "basic construction disorder". The cortex is still unprotected and the remembering part of the brain does not exist. It's not possible to remember those recordings, by thinking and so. As you know, spinal cord's below end (the tail, with other word), saves the worse recordings that causes basic construction disorders. The hands except mother's hand touching to the spinal cords below end (anus & penis, mostly while toilet cleaning), temperature reducing tampons. No one pays attention to these! Right after that the circumcision, the castraction complex appears. What have all these things done? It has created a society with base construction that is spoilt-disordered. The recordings taken in uterus, are now tail disorders. What became the expression for this? Terror, war, discrimination, me and the other person. Of course the most important piece of this "the me and the other person" is the discrimination of the other gender. Because, if we discriminate genders, the women who feels her self as a loser, will create more basic construction disorders.Therefore our mother's uterus makes us sexually discriminative.
This means the negative recordings we have received but weren't able to remember afterwards.
Now, for example how do we understand this "Universally Equal Living Being with Tail"? How do we know it's equality? How do we know that is the one (me) inside us? We know it, because it's protected with thick bones, hard skull, hard spine. Also if we hit our head hard 100 milion brain cell goes to garbage and does not exist & increase again. If the spinal cord is cut right under the brain, the death is certain. If it's cut belower than that, the paralysis is definite and no cure for it. But if there is a huge wound anywhere else on your body, part of this system will fix/heal that wound. As this Universally Equal Living Being with Tail does not have religion, race, language it does not have a gender as well. Let's assume that we give it a gender. What would be it's real gender? If we consist of 50 % sperm 50 % egg, than we are 50 % our mother, 50 % our father. So the gender will be 50 % man 50 % woman. No way out! We all have it. But the disaster starts from here: "Woman does not know her "White Hole".
White hole?
Vagina. As she doesn't know her white hole, she doesn't make peace with 50 % woman part. Because in order for her to make peace with her 50 % being woman, there is a condition of knowing her vagina in the tail science. What's the organ that makes woman a woman? Vagina. 襤n other words "white hole". What would happen if you don't know it? During infancy and girlhood you end up using clitoral energy as you have no other choice. You have no other choice! Why? Because there is no white hole. But clitoris was stimulated during infancy, there is no condition of masturbation. I am not talking about sex. I'm talking about the nutrition of the tree. Of the "Life Tree", medulla spinalis, the spinal cord. You know this in a Sumerian Tablets. They have written about this tree of life, with branches and snaps. Tree gets nutrition from anus or clitoris. In the beginning, as the vagina skipped therefore woman gives birth as a man and didn't make peace with the other 50 % which is woman. What has she done? Gave birth as a man. When a woman gives birth as a man in the inner brain, then the disasters in society begin. Because she assumes the penis of the boys as her own.
Lives all these unconsciously! Unconscious, castrated group of men appears. Then the conflict will be this! Appearing to be a man but a woman inside, appearing to be a woman but a man inside, there is imbalance. Therefore the first training will have to start from "white hole". If she makes peace with the 50 % woman inside so there can be balance. These women that have not made peace with their "white hole", divide into two groups. One is the Amazons that are ruled by clitorisis and the other one is the Kybeles that sees the white hole, vagina as the hole to give birth. Then what happened? Tones of people in Anatolia are Kybele. Wherever you dig in Anatolia, you find Kybele statue. Most of the ones that come to big cities are Amazons. Then what happens? There goes again the gender discrimination! Because Amazon wants the child that falls into tue uterus without a dick, she wants a daughter. Kybele wants the child that she carries with a penis. That is why Kybeles keep having babies until they have a son. In Turkey, when they have a son they name their kids Yeter (meaning enough), Dursun (Meaning shall stop). What happened? We came out of mother's womb as someone who descriminates. This is why it's important. A woman should first make peace with her 50 % woman inside, then get pregnant.
So is this only through sexual intercourse or only related to sexuality? Can there be another way to do it? For instance can a woman who is a widow, young aged girl or a middle aged woman who has never married do it in a different way?
There is no condition of sex for the education of "life tree", using the white hole as it's feeding source.
It's very interesting doctor! You are telling both that as well as the sexual life...
Why is that? If a woman is really motivated she can discover her white hole. There is no condition to have sex for her.
How can she discover?
Very simple. By introducing it's existence to her brain. The upper brain acknowledgement, contemplation and with a bit of an inner sight. It's especially easier with absolute virgins. As the quantum of vagina is not spoilt, with this exercise for instance: I'm taking my life energy from the bottom of my holy grail, through the canal of vaginal nerve in my spinal cord, without the condition to have sex bring it out to my inner brain. This type of meditation (exercise), works much faster with absolute virgins. Since the quantum is not spoilt.
So the life energy isn't spoilt!
So, I am telling that the tree to use clean water since it is the "life tree", so it can take it's life energy from clean water, which is the hardest part to understand. There is no condition to have sex!
But would the Amazons be fine with this?
They all would be fine with this! Let's give an example that it is not like this from the times of myths. You know that I love mythology and of course the famous tale of Isis & Osiris. For some they were brother & sister and for some they were lovers. It's a tale originated from Egypt. The Gog of Evil devides Osiris into fourteen pieces. Isis also helps collacting pieces but only manages to find 13 of them. Wasn't able to find the 14th. In all the myths, the name of the unfound piece is penis. So, here is what's being told in this. To be Isis there is no requirement of penis. Because Isis is the symbol of holy female. According to the hieroglyphs she is a white queen, with a long stick with a star on the edge. Meaning I am a woman that can open up to the sky, to the Rahman. I'm the holy female. So what does it mean? There is no requirement of penis.
To have no requirement of penis, the liberty or that all the paths are open to find herself. This is an important information.
I'll give another example from an old myth. Something that will be lively.The Lord (Rab) hid his light at the deep of the women's holy grail and watches to see who will discover.
Where is this from doctor?
This the Old Testamony, Torah, Kabala. It's pretty discreet but it is in Quran as well. But It's written in very deep kodes. It also takes place in my book now, "Universally Equal Living Being with Tail". So now, there is a very important information for those who can understand. Where it says, who will discover, it's not talking about sex, it's talking about discovery. This the knowledge that will end the wars. For a woman to make peace with the 50 % woman in her, she has to discover the white hole. This requirement to discover is free from sex, it depends on being able to use the "vaginal nerve" in the spinal cord. It depends on the requirement of the tree using clean water.
Ok. Let me ask something. The meditation/exercise you have mentioned earlier, bottom part of spinal cord, vagina related. Let's think that a woman from a small village of Anatolia wants to make the same exercise, should she use the same terms and sentences or will it be better for her to use her own words? Would the brain create the same path?
I leave it up to the readers. Actually everyone can express this in their own way. Because I'm a doctor, I use these words in Latin. Of course in the beginning you should give the information globally, if you give it complex then it can not be understood. For example if we think of an exercise for men, it should be something like this: I'm taking my life energy from my phallus through the penis nerve in my spinal cord. Without the condition to have sex, bringing it out to my inner brain. Through this I'm giving life energy to all my failing organs. Why? Because we don't live right next to eachother like caterpillars. Of course it is important to live the vagina for a woman, and to control the ejaculation of penis for a man while havig sex, but how frequently will we do? Three to five times a week. What will happen at remaining time? Again the anal energy that we are used to. 襤ntestines, dirty intestines! Feeding the tree from intestines is communal catastrophe. Because intestines first dirty the head, creates diarrhea of thoughts, mouth and looks. Causes mouth farts as you know. Causes gossips and complaints that never ends. This is what intestines do. Plus the people who lives like this are the victims of hierarchical orders. Lives by saying "his intestines are stronger then mine! Mine are stronger then his!" I'm talking about it's equality. Whenever we learn to get the life energy through the correct "root nerves", the first fact is equality. We are all equal living beings that Allah has created. But to transit to this, these trainings are very important. The tree will use clean water! I'll give an example from Quran. The sura called Taha, that I am working on now. It is the story about Moses, Samiri and her people. They first bury their jewelry under ground. Then they worship a bellowing calf sculpture. Pay attention to the symbolism. It's awesome! Bellowed calf sculpture in symbolism means "the baby that cries". Because if it was a sculpture it wouldn't bellow, it would not say and cry either. And it says "calf". Cow is the uterus, calf is the baby. When calf bellows, then it is the kid that cries. They left their white hole, they started worshipping bellowing calf sculptures, which means they were worshipping their own kids. Disaster! Because that time Rahman dissapears, only Raheem (uterus) remains. On top of all, since this is directly shirk it is considered to be a "curse". That's why Moses says this at the end: "Allah condemn you to be forgotten and to be left alone. From now on you won't talk to anyone!" he says to Samiri and her people. "In fact you can not handle families that worship their own kids!"
Doctor! In the sura A'li 襤mran a couple prays to Allah. "Oh Allah! please give us a kid!" they say. Later on, because of this kid they put him equal to Allah!
Nobody tells that worshipping a bellowing calf sculpture means worshipping your own crying baby, other then me.
I heard it for the first time!
Because I am an expert in dream language. That is the difference between. This is a typical symbolism. Everyone thinks of this as warshipping idolism. If it is said so, why the bellowing calf sculpture? This is Quran's marveolus declamation. If you are worshipping the babies that you bring to life, above all, your praying is just about shape and simple words said by tongue.
Doctor! Would you explain this more simply? What does "worshipping a child" means? What do we have to do to worship him/her?
At this times, families living for their kids can be shown as example. They run after their kids to the school exams. They forget living while trying ta do everything for their kids. Look around! There are lots of families at that kind. I hope, what we are saying now can be understood in time. Let me give you one more example. I think you will lke that new knowledge. What does Sumerian Tablets say? "We share the knowledge of "Knowledge Tree" but didn't give you the knowledge of the "Tree of Life" That means cortex knowledge exists everywhere. There are tons of it online. But what are they? They are parrot cortex! Repeating the learnings like parrot! He said this, she said that! What did you say? You said nothing! Life Tree's knowledge was hidden. Now where are we? We are trying to share the knowledge of the tree of life. Trying enlighten a point whenever we can. There is a reference in Quran Literature. They tell Hz. Muhammed that: "They are asking you about spirits?". Answer of Hz. Muhammed is: "Spirits are in the command of the Rab. People know just a few!". What happened? Put one next to the other, what we know as spirit is the tail actually! The energies that comes from the tail, changes the head/the brain and we assume that as the spirit. Let's remember the Chinese sintine's old writing, which was found on the shell of a turtle thousands of years ago. It says: To learn the head, observe the tail (the below edge of the spinal cord).
Doctor! In the most of the commenting on Quran, intention of the word spirit is thought as Gabriel (Cebrail). There are sayings that shows him as the "Angel of Revelation". These verses you were talking abaut are in sura Isra. They ask you from the spirits it says!
Yes it is at sura Isra. There is something at that sura too. Something splendid. "Angels are the energies that can not be seen" it says. Here we go! "energies that can't be seen". Therefore they are to be the messenger energies which are invisible. Gabriel is that invisible energy. I'm referencing to Elmal覺l覺 Hamdi Yaz覺r's comment on the same sura here: There is no need to be a prophet for revelation. All people can in their dreams (by analysis of dream language).
In the dream related hadith books, "Prophecy is over, but convenient & decent dreams continues. One of the fourthy or more fascicle of them are the dreams!" it says. Interpretation of some of the hadith's readings exist that knowledge.
If we continue the subject "dreams", of course they are the only way, only weapon for us to remind the parts of our lives that can not be remembered by cortex. I am not approaching to the subject about revelation. Revelation does not commanly fall to people's share. Only few people has it, even by dreams. But others appear in the period of 0-2 years age, only in dream language. As the basic construction disorders can not be told by plain cortex conversations, period of 0-2 ages in uterus, emotional shocks, things we have experienced while sleeping and surgical operations can be explained by dream language and analysis. Why doesn't Nusret Kaya use direct (plain) language and prefers "dream language, it is understood by all these. Cortex makes politics, it lies, shows resistance not to express the inner me. Cortex does not explain the truth. 8 or 10 years ago, I watched a black & white movie. A part of the movie there was a scene that 4 eye witness were together under a tree. All of them were telling about a different story that they have experienced. This scene's subject was one, but there was four stories according to four different people, four different witness. Cortex does not have a strenght to tell the reality. If we put them all together and explain it in a simple way: Life tree has to use clean water, even while sitting. We usually use our intense and there is no guilt in it. Because 1) Our habit of eating 3 times a day, 2) Our visit to toilet at least ones a day. Those are the things what people do and of course it could happen, but whenever we visit the toilet, anus (in other words: black hole) reminds you that it's there.
In other words, you are saying that it's aktivated when the nerves start to work!
Yes. Because of that, oral-anal nerve lines are used habitually by all of us. 1) Throat, 2) Intestine being full ol the time, 3) At least one time of toilet need. Those requirements of human being, feeds the life tree with dirty water. That facts makes us use oral-anal nerves. Therefore the "A" letter of the "Energy Alphabet" is in "Tail Science". We have to return to clean water resource just because of that. Big changes are observed in all my patients who does these and it is not miracle. Looks starts to change, tone of their voices starts to chance! Warior intestines becomes peace makers.
Doctor! Are the eating and drinking disiplines important at that point?
Of course! I agree with the prohibitation of alcohol drinks. Alcohol burns intestine and brings it up fronth. However it burns the mouth, burns the intestines too. Plus that, I think gorging (eating much) is negative. I also remember a hadith about that. As I learned from Elmal覺l覺 Hamdi Yaz覺r (one of the best commentators of Quran) "Allah decries the fat ones" he comments.Why? 襤ntestines are well to the fore since you eat all the time.
Doctor, may I say something to sustain that? One day, Hz. Muhammed had a kafir (unbeliver) with him, who was eating all the time, without taking breath. After that man's visit, others asks the prophet: "What is the measure of eating?" He answers "M羹min (believer in 襤slam) eats to one stomach, kafir (unbeliever) eats to seven stomachs!"
Good example.
"We have to eat dear prophet of Allah! But how much we shall eat? How shall we eat?" they ask. "Eat as much as to straighten up your back! Few bites will be enough!" he answers. "If you wan't to learn the exact quantity, divide your stomach into three. 1/3 is breath, 1/3 is water, 1/3 is the food" he says.
Now, let me give another sample from Elmal覺l覺 Hamdi Yaz覺r. I don't know much about this subject but, I'm a doctor who has read Quran for three times from beginning to end. What is Islam? It's root is "SLM". What is slm? Peacemaking. Not to worship anyone, anything than Allah! 襤sn't it? So, any other thing were unterstood wrongly. Here is a very typical example for this: Cahit - Cihat (words of Arabic which were wrongly understood as holy war) means struggle. There is nothing about war here. Although "m羹cahit" means jihadist (one who struggles) but it was translated a "warior man". No meaning! These are remarkable explanations. As I have learned from Elmal覺l覺 Hamdi, "kafir" (commanly known as unbeliever) has also one meaning. Kafir means buttom, backside (sorry for the slang word: ass). Now, what does Quran literature says for the ones who do not believe Islam and obey the Islamic rules? Says "kafir". And it means "backside of human". So you pray and say "hu" to above, to sky as much as you can, if you are a person who is a comman user of intestines, who is he/she? You are a "Kafir". It does not make difference how you show it. Whether you gorge, you make a shirk or you gossip by yelling. Does not matter. At first we have to explore the right way, true way at tail. What is it explained, told with? "襤hdinas s覺ratal m羹stakim". A road which is at streight as this only exists at tail, not outside, not anywhere else. At first the tail have to streighten up. I told you the "A" letter of the alphabet. No need for sex. This part confuses people. They think that I'm talking about sex but I am not! I'm talking about to feed the tree in the right way. This the first letter, to whom that can understand. This knowledge is mostly confronted with resistance.
Why is the resistance for that knowledge?
Because most of us are not aware of our tail. Not in the knowledge of our brain's tail, which is about 55-60 cm. What if I wasn't a doctor? Shouldn't I search what's in me? Shouldn't I search the inner me? How does my "inner me" work? It does not matter if I am a man of letter, math or computer. I first start from that question.
What did Allah give me? What is my structure? If we leave that question to doctors to have an answer, this is intestines. We have to believe their opinions.
What you have told is very important. What you are saying is, everyone has to search themselves with their own inteligence and talent.
You have a right to question the diagnosis. You have a right to question the surgery that you are going to have. But first you have to know inside. You have to learn what's inside of you. Again it's the letter "A" of the alphabet. There is a big misunderstanding about this, even at the ones who graduated from university. First of all, we shall learn the equality of human being.
Am I equal with Recep Tayyip Erdoan?
Yes! Absolutely. We are all equal.
襤slam says the same thing! We are at the end of our conversation. Do you want to add something?
We can make an ending by giving an example from Quran.I like giving examples from there, since it is a marvelous book. We created people and send them to earth as caliph. What does caliph mean? Nothing to aggravate. It means "improver, builder". He did not give "master builder" appellation to anyone. He send us to learn. He send us equal. Work out! Some people wants to be the master builder. That's wrong! If someone comes and tells to Nusret Kaya that he or she is bigger, better than him, I tell him/her this: "Did you go to the toilet this morning and evacuate your intestines same as me?" If you have intestines like anyone else, you can't prim, you can't see yourself better/bigger then any other. If you are the prisoner of your intestines you bully to others, you see yourself above. And there is the two big sin. One is "shirk". Other is "pride". You have to share! You have to search! World is a laboratory.
Now; no matter what your religion, language, kind, gender is when a person has 300 units of diabetes, what does that mean? It means that you are diabetic. It's the same, if you don't accomplish the knowledge about being equal universally. It is a social illness! War! We shall go to Quran again, to understand this. "Even Hz. 襤brahim was a Muslim". When it said, this appears: This is an education. Not just a religion. "To be peacefull". This is the first stipulation of education. The knowledge of equality. Otherwise, "I am a Muslim, you are a Cristian, I am white, you are black, I am woman, you are man" and so! It does not end. It never ends. This is the first griff. "He was also a Muslim". That sentence means, this is an education which has a very long past. This is the name of this education. Being peacefull and to worship to anyone but Allah. Not to worship to one who is below or beyond. When you taste/experience that, it is a wonderful feeling filled with freedom. It makes your live perfect on earth. Why? There is only one commander! Otherwise there are more!
Thank you for your time doctor! Thank you for the knowledge you have shared.
It was a yieilding interview for me too. Thank you.