Psychoaesthetics means spritual beauty
Not to waste all the work, observation and affection
That's why we set up a foundation
Teaching you the brain is our intention

Doctrines come out after a thousand councelees
Hypnosis, narcossis, meditation, dream analysis
The traces of genetic codes in the sub-brain
They taught me what wasn't written and all this

Imagining the thin inner shell of the walnut
As our upper brain, the reader
Will easily discover through a fine proportion
that the upper-brain is only one mm. thick

This thin, irregular shell when extended
Covers an area of 1.5 m2
With it thinks the human and calculates
It's hyper function causes distress and weariness

The grey cells of our upper-brain
Differ from the white ones of the sub-brain
A miracle of human brain created by nature
Just like the stars, sets abd sphere

The cells of our upper-brain make up %28 of all
It enables the human to speak, read and write
Through it lives the upper-brain his life sparingly
That's whe most of us think it's our whole brain mistakenly

The truth is the sub-brain with %72 of the cells
Is the source of our instincts and emotions
It stimulates our inner organs as reflexations
And the centre of life with the genetic codes it contains

By IQ is the upper-brain evaluated by measurers of intelligence
But no method can measure the sub-brain through EQ
Still the EQ is more significant than the IQ
Say those who recently rediscovered the difference of the two

The upper-brain gathers information continously
Neverthless is beaten by a small computer
Going down into the sub-brain gradually
At each level a computer is overthrown

The upper brain is a wrist-watch
Keeping track of seconds, minutes, hours, months and years
The sub-brain includes the cosmic time
In which there are E-mc2, relativity, centuries of billions

In the upper-brain an avarage life of 70 years
In the sub-brain an eternal micro-cosmos
Eternal with the projection of macro-cosmos
The relative time in the sub-brain is 瞼 years

There's no past nor future in the sub-brain
Those are tricky time plays of our upper-brain
In the experiment of dreams with genetic content
Sometimes we notice the future

If you can't find God with your upper-brain
Find the one in the centre of the sub
With the upper-brain, the God of macro-cosmos
With the sub-brain the God of micro-cosmos, you will find

I scribble, write, look and tell
Upper-brain is personal, sub-brain universal
I ornament my writting with verses
God-like is the sub-brain, the upper-brain physical

So stop being the slave of your upper-brain
Ambition, money, politics,cosmetics
Leave the frame and see the painting
Getting closer to the sub brain from the remote universe

"In me there's another self" said Yunus Emre
Discovering the sub-brain
just before his death the fighting soldier
Saw the "initial life" that conquers the sub-brain

"I'm closer to you than your aorta"
Speaks the Ko'ran
"Fear God who knows everything"
Say other book upon complaints of believers

God being closer than your aorta
Can be nowhere but you sub-brain, for God's sake
God that hears the copmlaints of each and every believer
Can be nowhere but the sub-brain, for God's sake

The micro-cosmos you feel with the sub-brain
And the macro-cosmos you comprehend with your upper-brain
"God is the creator and is unique" says Ko'ran
Feel it in your sub-brain, for God's sake

To understand the macro-cosmos with the upper-brain
A million years isn't enough for technology
To feel the micro-cosmos with our sub-brain
It's enough for the descender to leave out the upper-brain

And when is the upper-brain left out?
In shock, anesthetics, hypnossis and in sleep
We're sgoing to tell about these
So that you can tell the others most of who are aleep

The upper-brain reads learns and speaks
And is disfunctioned during shock and narcossis
Without its protection
The sub-brain is vulnerable to everything negative effect

That's why in certain surgery rooms
With specially trained staff
Music and talking is tranquil
Panic and anxiety controlled by experts

Because the instict of survival in the sub-brain
Is already in panic in case of surgery
Added to it is the negative motives of your brain
Makes your body shiver in bed

For all these reasons, hypnosis and meditation
Should be implemented by those experianced
Otherwise the sub-brain comes to be a station
With all the trains of complex obsession

To talk about natural sleep
I can say with pride
That it is a subject I know well
For I seel from time to time

In sleep the upper-brain doesn't function
It's not only because it needs to rest
Then but waking up from dreams
Isn't only because we need to interpret

The analysis of dreams is far from interpreting
Moreover the fixex sub-brain obsessions
Are reinforced through interpretations
Not to mention problems of mystical thinking

The upper-brain dreams have no value in analysis
You get mad at a man in the street and beat him in your dream
Or sit next to your love in your room not knowing what to say
Many people are there to show you the way

Betweeen the upper and the sub-brain
Subconscious lies as a thin layer
It emerges between the ages 0-6
Or right after an exciting incident

Subconscious dreams are frequent
Among those who can remember
Subconscious symbols become clear
After a thousand dreaming of the dreamer

This is why a professional is essential
In analysing subconscious dreams
Sexual symbols seem to be dominant
Such as baby diapers and a mother lap

These sexual symbols of subconscious
Prevent the contact of upper and sub-brains
It motivates the relative idiocy in the country

It's time to explain psychoanalysis
With a slight decoration od poetry
The classical Eudipus-Electra complexity
Will be ubderstood by the reader witout difficulty

The human baby doesn't use the upper-brain
Can not talk or say he wants to pee
Thus it's like the naked sub-brain
And the reason for uncontrollable instinct of sexuality

Sexual instinct flows freely towards the opposite sex
In fact, the adorned form of the one to continue human race
The male baby towards the female: the mother or sister
The female baby towards the male: the father or brother

As the upper-brain develops slowly by first utterances
You learn the mother, father or sister is a prohibitance
Sexual instinct becomes associated with guilt
Which becomes a whip in time by accompanied sleep

Therefore, human as the only creature with an upper-brain
Has been hiding sice the first ages feeling the shame
Taking the fig leaves, if nothing else
To cover his organs of reproduction carefully

If this feeling or guilt for sexual instinct
Gets stronger with accompanied sleep
With the prohibited mother, father and sister
Because of ignorance or to be affectionate and tender

This solidified feeling or guilt in the subconcious
Steals energy from the upper-brain
From the parents in adolescence
And in adulthood from the others

Those from countries where societies held responsible for this
Can never sleep next to someone unless sex is allowed in the upper-brain
Also their babies much loved and cared
Don't let grandpas, brothers or sisters sleep beside them

Even if you have a single room place
Separate your children with large pillows between
At least their sleeping bodies will only be touched
By the sticks of wise man with wide beards

With this touch, future generations will be acquited
And with it all black fossils
With this touch, black wedding dresses will be cleaned
All black nights and crimes will be killed

If a female is pregrant to her first child
She wants to give birth, directed by her sub-brain
The one who inhibits this in the upper-brain
Just hinders a Godly revival

Thats why "first child should be kept"
Say the wise man
The negative effects of the first abortion
Lead to infertility and remain so for years

Despite the preventions of the upper-brain
The holy mother gave birth to her child
She breastfed it, pleaing help from God
And understanding from the ones around

Next year she gets pregnant again
And with joy she told this to everyone
They said, "how nice!" with their upper-brain
"Your difficult days are almost gone"

"They will grow up together, that's fine"
So they deceived the pregnant woman
The first child hadn't walked yet
When the holy mother had the second...

However, in her sub-brain
She never wanted the second
Getting unwillingly pregnant
She gave birth by deception to the second

She was still feeding the first
And looking after it
With that wonderful feeling of motherly instinct
She begged God to take care of it

So the first baby in need of moderly care
Impedes the second in her sub-brain
Causing an "obsession of unwanted being"
Bothers her conscious throughout her life

Interestingly, mother nature
Has set up such perfect order
When the mother still breastfeeds the baby
She doesn't let her get pregnant

Prolactin produced by the hypophysis
Also known as the breastfeeding hormone
Prevents pregnancy on its own
Till the milk comes no more

According to nature's laws
Breastfeed the baby at least two years
After the third year have another one
This is the advise of the scientific field

This way the sub-brain gets prepared
In there years to have the second baby
A parent who disregards this will inevitably
Have the "obsession of unwanted being"

This specific obsession in the sub-brain
Will shadow the upper-brain life long
Idiocy, anxiety and so
Keep us the psychiatrists busy

Or it could be jealosy or harm
Though like straightforwardness, it seems so
Because of this irrepairable sub-brain trouble
The upper brain remains defectful

The interersting thing is that the "Oguz Turks"
Were aware of this obsession
With the tradition of "white bone and black bone"
They tried to change the flow of history

White bone means the first child
And the rest are black bone
How on earth could they know the three year period?
They only attempted to save the first

The Ottomans in their brightest days
Also relied on " white bone - black bone"
After the sultan, the power and the throne
Always belonged to the eldest son

The "Fetret" period is marked
By chaos, turmoil and the fight of brothers
Usually the eldest sons were killed
That's how the regression era started

That was an important example from history
For the "obsession of unwanted being"
It is also called "the remainder in the pen"
If only this wasn't the reason for our current state

We had said the baby has almost no upper-brain
That it has only the sub-brain
It can't talk or walk but only eats and defecates
Doesn't mind if he's naked or so

So the female baby's sexual instinct
Is the decorated form of continuing her race
Therefore, it is transmitted to her father and the brother
And referred to as "Electra Complex"

As the upper-brain develops slowly
There is war going on if you can see
For yu handled a prohibited object
And with that you will fight all your life

As the upper-brain develops slowly
You learn to talk late or early
Parents teach the nose and the eye
As you crawl, they encourage you softly

The male baby discovers his penis instinctively
As his mother changes his diaper
And thinks that all those around
Have a penis like his

Then with a little coincidence
He sees a female naked baby
Perhaps in the middle of a bathroom
He meets the vagina unexpectedly

Thus, he gets his first blow
Who are the mother or nurses to know?
"They're going to cute mine, too"
For how could he know about the religious law

Upon that comes the circumcision
The cutting of his penis
People celebrate, drinking and dancing
When they do this

This fear of the penis being cut
Is also called "the fear of castration"
It causes "ejaculation precocsa"
Which is also called "prematute ejaculation"

Circumcision should be either before the upper-brain is developed
That's before he is two
Or after the boy is grown
That's age nine or more

For children between two and nine
There's a blurred period when upper-brain develops
"Castration becomes an obsession through circumcision
And constitutes the biggest problem in his future sex life

Everytime the penis enters the vagina
He imagines that he is castrated
He can't hold on more than a minute
And gets madly jealous of his wife

When he doesn't hold himself like this
Woman can never know what vaginal orgasm is
Feeling shame she can't consult anyone
The sexual energy remains as it is

As a result, a group of man called macho emerges
They swear and fight football matches
A little alcohol will make them mad
Without any reason they kill a lad

For men this trapped sexual energy
Turns into unreasonable agresivness
When it comes to women, the same energy
Shows itself frequently as obesity

This machoism in men leads to terrorism
Whereas in women it's overweight or even feminism
All because of unsatisfied sexual energy
This is what "psychoaesthetics" aims to study

Premature ejaculation in man is 70%
Lack of orgasm in women is 70%
Being rotten, old and weary at 70
We can't catch up with the others even after years 70

Now to mention the female "castration complex"
As a baby it was prohibited the opposite sex
The feeling of guilt was forced with Electra Complex
Reinforced is this with all those sleeps in togetherness

When the female baby discovers her vagina
Thinks everyone else has one too
Upon seeing a male baby pee
She gets afraid of what she sees

Because of the same feelings of guilt
She gets shocked saying "I had one but they got rid of it"
With this tradition of universal punishment
She gets lost all her life in her upper-brain

Some of them believing that it was cut
Accepts the phenomenon of "feminine deprivation"
Those with psychoanalytic orientation
Say, this lies under womens' opressiveness

A woman only upon having a male child
Gets posession of a penis symbolically
Thus, sexual energy by giving birth
Is transmitted to her child in arms and in sleep

The husband is left alone in the sub-brain
Looks for other women if he's reckless enough
The whole family gets hazy
He too sleeps next to the child, if he's too lazy

In families with children
Divorce comes after this
Of course, the premature ejaculation
Constitutes the other invisible reason

The other part of women in minority
Revolt against the "Castration Complex"
They generally talk too much and get insistive
On feminism and femininity

For when they first met the penis
Their first reaction was "no, can't do it to mine"
So taking this material to the subconscious
They carry a symbolic penis on their clitoris

The moment when they reencouter the penis in their upper-brain
Is of course truly traumatic
For them vaginal orgasm
Is only possible through dream analysis

Moreover, if they are to clitoric masturbation
The sub-brain takes it as a paly with penis
Also if they sleep with their mother or girlfriend
The sub-brain considers itself bisexual

This is acse of "Sexual Indentity Crisis"
Where in fact there is no bisexuality
The clitoris is the tool for sexuality
And there is so much depression and anxiety

The unsatisfied sexual energy
Can not be converted to energy of life
Such women don't fall in love easily
But irresistable are their so called attractivity

Similar to a man with Sexual Identity Crisis
As masculine in appearance as he can be
Women in crisis walk gracefully
Making every one exclaim "oh! how sexy!"

This sexual identity crisis
Cause by the castration complex
Is known to be the source of neuratic energy
And cause them to get mad very quickly

Neurotic energy is the most widespread
Can be confused with love mistakenly
That's why soap operas are so popular
Watching them, women melt in tears, willingly

How does one eliminate this neurotic energy?
By treatments of dream analysis
Because such complexes are discarded
By developing subconscious material

Between the sub and upper-brain
A thin layer makes the subconscious
In hypnosis, sleep and narcossis
The subconscious develops continously

As explained clearly in detail
Electra, Eudipus and castration complexes
With feelings of guilt for sleeping in company
Are subconscious obsessive reflexes

Naturally, it's only through dreams
The depths of obsessive subconscious can be explained
Like a game of chess, the dreams are dealt with
To reach the wide coolness of libido

Commenting on dreams is something else
We are on the whole against it
Since it makes use of mystical thought
Takes us back to middle ages or maybe more

Dreams fall into three categories scientifically
Upper-brain dreams are nothing to analyse
For example; not liking your soup, you swear at he cook
Or find a bunch money when you're broke

Second type dreams come from the subconscious
Symbolically related to the neurotic energy
The analysis of obsessions in such dreams
Take us to miraculous healings

Sub-brain related are the third type dreams
Nightmares, hallicunations and other bad dreams
Are explication of genetic information codes
Mistaken are those who think these are from an external force

The reincarnation of parapsychologists
Is a malformation of the upper-brain codes of our ancestors
When you recall information from 18 generations back
You think it's reincarnation whereas it's only sub-brain instincts

The decoding of dreams for genetic information codes
Will cause a huge change in the in the scientific world
Indeed, with the Nobel Prize is awarded
That who proved the sub-brain is woven with this information

But our main concern is
The subconscious generated dreams
Our obsessions get weaker with analysis
Enabling a contact with the sub-brain

All neurotic energy is gone:
Depression, uneasiness and troubles of life
The overweight gets thin, the aggressive is calm
Feeling the natural libidinal energy so warm

When the subconscious obsessions disolve
For they block the contact of the sub and the upper-brain
The real you and I is revealed
The sub-brain will unclose who loves and who doesn't

So the true love is in the sub-brain
No mather it is for Godly or humane
Perhaps it's right in the centre of hypophysis
The love of nature or a religionist

Psychoaesthetic philosophy is now more clear
First the subconscious obsessions are relieved
Then the mysterious sub-brain is reached
Where the secret of nature is hidden

Let us discover our inner self
Let in come to life drom death
Choosing the expert with undoubting cortex
Let us follow the one with a sincerely smiling face

Let's not be a community of children with obscure cortex
Believing every one with a serious face
Let's not outcast those speaking the truth
But strive to find a true religion and a scientific route

In fact, sexual insticts are insignificant
Without obsessions in the subconscious
If only the motive of reproduction in our sub-brain
Wasn't hurt by these obsessions

Religion and science merge in the sub-brain
In the curves of genetic information codes
And rituals in the temples of the sub-brain
In non-mediatory religions where God's revelation comes through books

In my opinion the hierarchy is this
God-Prophets-Positive Energy in cosmos
Cortex-Corpus-Thalamus following these
You reach the Truth or God

The highest is God, in the centre the Truth
Take it either as "Allah" or a synthetic God
When you succeed this ten step journey
You deserve to be called virtuous and wise

North, south, east and west
All philosophy on this rest
The horse riders of centuries back
Encourage the heroes of our age

Cortex, as you know, is the upper-brain
Corpus is the first layer of the sub-brain
Subsconscious obsessions meansd what?
The bridge between the cortex and corpus via cut

80% of our society suffers from solid obsessions
Which means between the cortex and corpus there isn't a connection
This is a serios problem that impedes development
For perception from out to in is ceased in the upper-brain

God, prophets, cosmic energy
And the colourful dominant world of cortex
Also the deeply obsessive libidinal energy
The sub-brain will entirely be inaccessible

So everything considered as external
Like djinns, fairies, ghosts and aliens
The fortune tellers, spiritual advisors and religion merchants
In these are believed and God barely mentioned

The obsessice libidinal energy
When cured by analysing dreams
The subconscious between the corpus and cortex
Gets weaker and eventually dissappears

Then successively disclose other layers
Corpus, thalamus, min-fiz-giz-hak
Together with our faith
Min-el-ak and min-el-hak

Corpus means the body, thalamus God
Min is I, fiz hypophysis
Giz is filled with good and bad Gluorilles
We learn and find truth while dealing with these

Doing away with subconscious obsessions
The deepening in the sub-brain is acieved by love
This is why min comes after thalamus
This is why love in such depth causes pain

Mature with love, fiz or hypophysis
Is the conductor or all hormones
Only after it comes the sense of mystery
Gluorilles ate the leaders of these

Gluorille means a good or bad genetic code
The bad is djinn or devil
The good is fairy or angel
We souldn't ignore their believers

If you're dominated by a bad genetic code
It's like you have the satan in you
When you're attending a sorcery
It's like a black magician examining you

For this reason, crowds or people wait at their door
Modern medicine continues to crawl
Humans become crybabies
And even dogs laugh at this

So if the upper-brain information of our ancestors
Is passed over genetically to the depths of our brains
Then the sub-brain instincts are only
Evil djinns that is the archives of bad cortex experiences

Thus, if you contact with the genetic codes
Of your ancestor 18 generations back
Who in his upper-brain life was bad;
A man who killed, tortured and lied

You think those are satan or spirits
To make you crazy or something
By increasing their evil energy
You only want to free yourself from it

So once in a while an exorcist
By instructing to go out and to come in
Help people without knowing
By confusing the upper-brain

However, this leads to a baby like community
In search of djinns and satan
Clouding every scientific thinking
It breaks people of the reality

Traditional medicine fights Gluorilles by meditation
Or methods like electroshock
According to me those are wrong
For people must be familiarized with Gluorilles

People must be informed about the human brain
Simply by the differenciation of sub and upper-brain
Hypophysis and Gluorilles must be explored
Thus all problems will be solved

I write and write and write
I tell again, again and again
Sometimes repeat what I write and tell
And get overjoyed upon seeing my expectations

The bridge between the Truth and Mighty God
Is the one between scientific and nonscientific
This bridge betweeb the east and west
Is like the sharp edge of knife, very tricky

Like a rope dancer, I walk on these bridges
With the belief that is the subconscious solid obsession itself
Once obsessions are overcome, all bridges are fine
With the advanced chess game in dream analysis

I believe psychoaesthetics will cross those bridges
I feel people will reach the Truth in time
I know the nonscientific enemies we fight against
I guess the sleepers will wake up sooner or later

We'll sense and feel, I believe
And overcome the bad genetic codes in our brains
To do that we'll hold on to love in the sub-brain
We'll leave behind the hatred of evil Gluorilles

If the good Gluorilles are love, fairy and angel
Evil ones are hatred, djinns and the devil
If through love we do away with wars
The Truth and Creator will take care of the evil ones

I'm only telling about the bridges
And the obstacles on their edges
Perhaps it is 'Deli Dumrul' you are reminded of
And the shadows of our legendary ancestors

Later on I'm going to tell a love story
Some examples of dream analysis maybe
We'll analyse a few verses from the Ko'ran
And so will go on the rest of the study

One day we'll talk altogether
With the delta frequency of our brains
One day we'll all warship God-Truth
Through improved sessions of deep sleep

Finally, to sum up the important messages
Do not sleep in enyone's bed but you spouse
Do not give birth in periods shorter than three years
And seek for the Truth with the help for God